Feijoa Apollo (Apollo)
Apollo produces medium to large sized
fruit with a lovely shiny green coat.
Although Apollo is partially-self fertile,
he benefits from being near his buddies
Eugenie and Arnie (Feijoas also from the
Tastee As range)
Height to 3m – Autumn Harvest
Full sun


Feijoa Unique (Eugenie)
Eugenie gets fruiting from an early age
producing medium sized fruit with a 
soft and juicy flesh.  She is the only, truly
self fertile feijoa therefore she will happily
grow fruit without the need of other feijoas
Height to 3m – Autumn harvest
Full sun


Feijoa Arhart (Arnie)
If you are trying to get the kids to like
feijoas, Arnie is the feijoa you need.
Super juicy with a mild flavour making him
a great introduction to the world of feijoas.
Arnie is semi-self fertile but does benefit
from having feijoa friends around him.
Height to 3m – Autumn harvest
Full sun