Olive Leccino (Lou)
Originating from Tuscany, Lou 
produces medium sized fruit with
low acidity and a sweet flavour.  
Although his fruit are predominantly
grown for oil production his fruit can be
soaked in brine for eating.  He benefits from
being planted with other olive trees for pollination.
Height to 4m – Late Autumn Harvest
Full sun


Olive Arbequina (Queenie)
Queenie is a slower growing but very
productive olive, growing more like a bush.
Grown for oil production, her fruit can also 
be pickled in brine for a small, nutty flavoured
table olive.  Queenie enjoys company from other
olive trees to help her grow larger crops.
Height to 2m – Late Autumn harvest
Full sun


Olive Frantoio (Francie)
Francie is Italian by origin and is grown
predominently for olive oil production.
Her fruit can be pickled in brine for a small
tasty table olive.  She enjoys being with
her other olive tree friends, Queenie and Lou,
(Other Olives from the Tastee As range)
who help her to increase her yield through
their pollination.
Height to 4m – Late Autumn harvest
Full sun.